26th Halifax Scout Popcorn

Why Fundraise with Scout Popcorn?

  • Through selling Scout Popcorn you can fund big adventures
  • 60% funds raised from Scout Popcorn go directly back to Scouting
  • Youth gain valuable business skills and learn to set and achieve goals
  • Youth learn the value of Planning, Doing and Reviewing
  • Post Secondary Scholarship program

Incentives for Beavers, Cubs & Scouts

  • Youth who sell $2,500 in popcorn will receive 6% of their total sales invested into their own post-secondary!
  • 26th Halifax will also provide Walmart gift cards to top sellers in each section!
  • Learn about all of the incentives [PDF]


Use the Galactic Piece Patch to learn how to fundraise successfully!

Great Adventures Start with Popcorn

Learn what this year’s popcorn fundraising campaign is all about.

Popcorn Myth Slayer

Debunking common myths about Scout Popcorn that are sooo not true!

Presentation: Popcorn Fundraising How-Tos

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