Investiture of new Cubs

Investiture of Runners:

This is the most important of all Cub ceremonies. A first year Cub is known as a “Runner.”

Runners should come with their Cub uniform.

The ceremony begins immediately after the meeting’s opening Grand Howl. Akela conducts the ceremony. The Runners and their parents/relatives may be invited to participate in the ceremony. One or both come into the circle and stand behind their Cub.


  1. Akela will tell a short story about the ceremony’s importance, to the Cub you are investing. He or she is about to become a member of the worldwide Scouting Movement.
  2. Duty Howler brings Pack Flag (top half) into circle, and hold it horizontally. Runners being invested will place left hand on flag while making Cub Salute with right. (Other Cubs in circle make Cub Salute too). Another leader stands just outside the circle holding the Cub’s scarfs and slides.
  3. Akela will ask the Runners the following:

Akela: “Do you know the Promise, Law, Motto and Grand Howl of the Wolf Cub pack?”

Runners: “Yes Akela, I do.”

Akela: “Are you ready to make the Wolf Cub promise?”

Runners:  “Yes Akela, I am.”

Akela: “Repeat after me.” (Cub repeats line for line)

“I promise to do my best,
To love and serve God
To do my duty to the Queen
To keep the law of the Wolf Cub pack,
And to do a good turn for somebody every day.”

Akela: “I trust you to do your best to keep this promise. You are now a Wolf Cub and a member of the worldwide Scouting Movement.”

  1. After taking the promise, Akela says, “Thank you, (new Cub’s name). Pack steady.” At this time, the pack drops their hands.
  2. Akela presents the New Cubs with their Group Scarfs and slides, and welcomes them with the Cub handshake. Akela and Cub then salute each other (Parents can assist Cubs in putting on scarf and slide). The new Cubs then turn and salute the members of the pack; the pack salutes to welcome the new Cubs to their ranks. The Cubs then join the pack.
  3. The ceremony ends with the Grand Howl.

Link Badge

If the Cub was formerly a member of a Beaver colony, one of the child’s Beaver leaders may be invited to the investiture to present the Link Badge to the new Cub and offer congratulations.



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