Camp Conduct & Guidelines

Here’s how we’ll have a safe and fun camp for all!


  • Cubs must check in with Akela upon arrival & departure.
  • Cubs will be responsible for looking after their own gear.
  • Cubs will keep the centre aisle upstairs clear at all times for ease of exit in case of fire.
  • Cubs must keep all footwear away from the top and bottom of stairs and away from doors for ease of exit in case of fire.
  • Cubs do not touch the propane stove or the wood stove. This is the responsibility of adults.
  • Cubs will only take food/drink with permission.
  • Cubs will remain in established boundaries.
  • Cubs are not permitted on the fire escape, except in case of fire.
  • Any knives/matches must be handed into leaders.
  • All medication must be given to First Aider.
  • When Cubs hear three long whistle blasts, they will return IMMEDIATELY TO CABIN.
  • If someone is hurt Cubs will immediately seek help from adult.
  • Cubs will avoid horseplay/wrestling upstairs.


Cubs will show RESPECT at all times:

  • Play safe and fair.
  • Cubs will show cooperation, kindness to others.
  • Cubs will touch only what belongs to them.
  • Cubs will always use appropriate language.
  • Hands-off each other!
  • Cubs will be respectful of others’ privacy.
  • Cubs will use manners.
  • Cubs will be expected to perform Camp Chores.
  • Cubs will participate in all activities and do their best.

And finally:

  • Cubs will not have fun at camp.


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