Cub Scouts Code of Conduct

“The Cub respects the old wolf, the Cub respects him/herself.” — Cub Law

We, the Cub Scouts and Scouters (leaders) of 26th Halifax created this Code of Conduct as a group to ensure EVERY member always feels safe, included and respected following the Cub Law.

Cubs will:

  1. show RESPECT to all people and property involved with our group — violence, bullying or intimidation will never be tolerated;
  2. follow a hands-off policy, including any wrestling or roughhousing;
  3. not use or throw anything in a way that can harm another person or themselves;
  4. work together as a team and not exclude anyone from any activity;
  5. keep their hands off others’ property and not damage the property of others;
  6. use water bottles for drinking and not flip them during Cub events;
  7. use appropriate language during Cub events;
  8. take part in all Cub events and do their best;
  9. actively listen to Leaders, volunteers and guests and follow their directions;
  10. stay off the stage and remain in the gym area unless they have permission.

Leaders will make sure these guidelines are followed by all Cubs.

  • If Cubs don’t follow these guidelines, they will have to take a break from activities to reflect on how they could have made better choices.
  • If Cubs continue to not follow these guidelines, leaders will meet with their parents to talk about how to address the situation or behaviour.


Updated 10/30/2016


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