26th Halifax Cub Scouts


(Boys and Girls Ages 8-10)



Learning by doing is the Scouting Method and Cub Scouts love to try new things and explore the world around them. Cub Scouts plan adventures like hikes, weekend camps and water activities (like canoeing and kayaking), discovering their unique capabilities and personal progression along the way. Cub Scout youth can sleep beneath the stars, hike with gear on their backs, eat gooey marshmallows on a stick or spot an otter splashing in a stream just a few feet away.

Being part of a community and lending a helping hand is also an important part of being a Cub Scout. Whether it’s a shore clean-up, assisting at a senior’s home or helping a fellow Cub Scout with learning a new knot, it’s all about helping others and always striving to do your best.

Meeting Times and Locations:

26th Halifax meet Wednesday Nights at the St.. Andrew’s Community Centre, 3380 Barnstead Ln, Halifax, between 6:30-8:00 pm. We also hold outdoor meetings and our hikes 1-2 weeks a month. Cubs are invited to attend a number of 1 -2 night camps throughout the year as well as other special activities.


We have very specific drop off and pick up procedures so as to ensure your child’s safety:

  • When a Cub is dropped off, whoever is dropping them off must check in with Leader to confirm the child has arrived.  A Leader can never be left alone with a child; there must be leader. In keeping with Scouts Canada  two aduts.
  • Pick-up: Cubs must be check-out by a leader before leaving, and must be picked up inside the hall. Cubs will not be dismissed until someone is present in the hall to pick them up. Please ensure you arrive by 8:00 pm for pick-up.
  • Leaders will not send a child home with anyone else unless previously specified by parents/guardians. Please ensure your Cub remembers to collect all their belongings before leaving.

Safety & Code of Conduct:

26th Halifax is committed to ensuring an environment in which each member fell safe and included. We respect each member for who they are and their abilities. We promote the Cub Motto: DO YOUR BEST – (We expect you to do the best you can at all times. You don’t have to be perfect.)

We have genrated a basic Code of Conduct based on RESPECT:

Cubs will:

  • show RESPECT to all people and property involved with our group — violence, bullying or intimidation will never be tolerated;
  • follow a “hands-off” policy, including any wrestling or roughhousing;
  • not use or throw anything in a way that can harm another person or themselves;
  • work together as a team and not exclude anyone from any activity;
  • keep their hands off others’ property and not damage the property of others;
  • use water bottles for drinking and not “flip” them during Beaver events;
  • use appropriate language during Cub events;
  • take part in all Cub events and do their best;
  • actively listen to Leaders, volunteers and guests and follow their directions;
  • stay off the stage and remain in the gym area unless they have permission.

Leaders will make sure these guidelines are followed by all Beavers.

  • If Cubs don’t follow these guidelines, they will have to take a break from activities to reflect on how they could have made better choices.
  • If Cubs continue to not follow these guidelines, leaders will meet with their parents to talk about how to address the situation or behaviour.



Interested in joining?

Cubs can join at any time throughout the year:

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