March 29th – Activities for Cub Scouts everyone can use!

March 29th – Activities for Cub Scouts everyone can use!

During the COVID-19 crisis we will be sharing program information for everyone to use

These are activities design for Cub Scouts (Ages 8-10) but can be completed by kids of all ages. Cub Scouts is a program of Scouts Canada programs for boys and girls who plan and go on adventures, visiting places and having experiences that are out of the ordinary. Learn about 26th Halifax Cub Scouts.

Activities for March 29 – April 5

This week’s activities are centred around on of our Personal Achievement Badges — Building. To complete and earn this badge Cubs must complete 4 adventure or related activities in which they explore various ways of building, including a variety of designs, materials and construction methods (note: for Cubs who participated in our Kub Kar Clinic that counts as one activity). Complete the activities below to complete this badge (or research and plan your own!).

Skill 1: Six Projects to Make With Recycled Plastic Bottles and Jugs
Recycle/reuse empty plastic bottles and jugs into these fun and useful projects. Have some fun while learning and helping the environment. You can choose the ones you want to complete. Get project details

Skill 2: Make a Pencil Holder From Household Materials
Using products from around the house make a pencil holdrer to store pencils, markers and brushes in this handy DIY pencil holder. Learn how to do this activity

Skill 3: 10 creative ways to upcycle your plastic bottles
Instead of tossing your plastic bottles into your recycling bin instead you know you can go one step further by upcycling? Here are 10 creative and easy projects that will add a homemade touch to your living space. Learn how to upcycle your plastic bottles

Plan, Do, Review

When planning and completing a Personal Achievement Badge, Cubs must use the Plan-Do-Review
process. This process emphasizes goal setting and personal development Cub Scouts should set achievable goals that help them grow. This is a helpful skill for all kids! Before you start, plan the activity with your youth –  ie. what materials are needed, how to do it, etc.

When completed, a review is a time to talk about the activity. Here are some questions to help the review, but parents and kids can also develop their own questions.

  1. What did you see or hear or notice?
  2. Did you take any photos that you’d like to share?
  3. What did you enjoy about this activity?
  4. What was a challenge for you in this activity?
  5. What do you know now that you didn’t know before?
  6. What might we do differently if we did this activity again?
  7. Sometimes review will happen quickly and sometimes it will need more time.

For 26th Halifax Cub Scout parents

Log onto and click on Personal Achievement Badges.

We’d also ask that Cubs also submit pictures or videos of their completed project, and if able to
show how to it is used.  Once completed you can submit the information to our Akela: